2023-01-15 Texas Coast

2023-01-04 Today I met @jean in person. We had a wonderful time talking about, how awesome life is …

2023-01-03 Food Sobriety Reset 2023.01.03

2023-01-02 My 2023 Food Plan: Stay Food Sober

2022-12-11 Introducing the Wise Phone in 2023

2022-12-08 Interview with Light Phone user Paige Weber

2022-12-07 Today I interviewed Scott Scheper. The father of the ANTINET. His analog version of Zelletkasten His …


2022-11-27 I posted a Video on using a flip phone in 2022. Beware that I drop a lot of F-Bombs. Sunbeam …


2022-11-19 Why Wait?

2022-11-14 Hey MB Tech Peeps- icloud custom domain - I am trying to understand it. It does not give you a 2nd …

2022-11-04 Personal CRM How do you handle how often you talk to your friends? When you should call someone? …

2022-11-03 With all of the fanfare about - You cannot add a date to a reminder. Only a note. …

2022-11-02 Barbara Jordon

2022-10-14 Flip Phone Blues: Shop will not provide me a tracking number unless I install their app.

2022-10-09 Dumb Down an iphone vs Flip Phone

2022-10-08 On Paper…

2022-10-08 Sun Flowers

2022-10-08 Late Bloomers

2022-10-06 Flip Phone Update - Attention is the Currency

2022-09-25 Red Fish on the Fly

2022-09-21 Fall is in the air.

2022-09-12 This twitter thread by my friend and health coach J.T. - has the best 10 things you can do for your …

2022-09-09 PSA: I am going to be using this account to blog more and more about Sobriety. When I post - my …

2022-09-09 You can call me on my cell phone ... 🎶


2022-04-28 7 Years ago today, I received 1of 999 of the Kickstarter Bullet Journals

2022-04-17 Spring is in the air

2022-04-16 Interesting so far.

2022-03-13 The Inside of my 1977 Jayco Popup. Gifted to me by my father in law who purchased it new.

2022-03-12 My campsite for the next week. South Llano State Park. Texas.

2022-03-08 I had lunch today with @warner we forgot to take a picture!


2022-03-01 Pair of Bald Eagles - Big Bear Valley CA. Live Stream Jackie and Shadow await the hatching.

2022-02-27 James A. Michener - Themes of Racism and of Love

2022-02-26 Reflections on Death

2022-02-24 Russians | Sting 1985

2022-02-13 Inside for winter but still blooms.


2022-01-12 Camping for the week. South Llano State Park Junction, Texas

2021-12-30 You either love or hate Bono. I love him and the music he made. Running to Stand Still Christmas Eve

2021-12-30 The One Habit to Rule Them All

2021-12-19 More Tech in Blogging has not decreased the time between posts

2021-12-18 5 flowers on one plant. Cold here today as well.

2021-12-17 Austin Texas.

2021-12-12 Social Media Companies are Winning the Battle

2021-12-10 Tonight I left my house. Drove to a burger place. Hung out with some friends for an hour or so. I …

2021-12-08 One of the things I love about Central Texas is that our hibiscus still bloom late into the fall.

2021-12-06 My Christmas Cactus is in full bloom!

2021-12-06 Today’s Workout Highlights Negative Row Assisted Pull-up I am still on a mission to get a pull up …

2021-11-08 Office or Study?

2021-11-06 The Moon and Venus

2021-10-28 Squirrel Whisperer!

2021-10-24 Found in my hike today. Last day of a week on the South Llano River

2021-10-22 Clouds. For Cliff.

2021-10-21 Tonight’s Moon Rise. Used the iPhone night capture

2021-10-21 Time to Float and Fish !

2021-10-21 Today’s Fly Box


2021-10-20 South Llano River State Park. In God’s Country.

2021-10-19 The Rio Grande Cichlid

2021-10-19 South Llano State Park. Texas Stay for a week to enjoy the weather and fly fish.

2021-10-07 Saw on a morning bike ride with my friend who lives in Traverse City. 1959 Aston Martin

2021-10-06 Old Mission. Michigan 2021 I am 53.

2021-10-05 1988 500SEL - The woman bought it in 1993. She loves this car. I was walking down the street and had …

2021-10-05 So many pretty flowers here.

2021-10-05 On vacation in Traverse City Michigan. Lovely little town.

2021-09-28 3 Year Ago, I took my last drink of alcohol



2021-09-01 Three!

2021-09-01 Rows: A Foundational Movement

2021-08-31 New Book: Fishing For Fun and to Wash your Soul.

2021-08-30 The Key Metric in Making Change

2021-08-30 My Health Journey Continues

2021-08-29 Boston Butt on the Big Green Egg!

2021-08-28 The Numbers. @miraz

2021-08-27 I am thinking about fixing this and using it.

2021-08-24 Today is a good day Thank you @jean @burk

2021-08-24 Living Phone Free

2021-08-23 Screen Time Report Back: 2021 Week 24

2021-08-22 Dear MB Community and Internet Hive Mind: Imagine you gave up your smartphone. For good. You still …

2021-08-20 The Smart Phone Dilemma

2021-08-19 What is it that modern people do not want to interact with files? Even with an app like drafts or …

2021-08-19 😊🙌👀🎁🥓🍳💛💙💜💥 - Testing my emoji on Windows 10. The MS Keyboard I have as a key for emoji.

2021-08-19 Tropical Hibiscus. Common name- Double bloomers!

2021-08-18 New hibiscus for the yard. A gift from a dear friend.

2021-08-18 My Digital Divide

2021-08-16 imessage (Texts)

2021-08-15 iphone Screen Time Report Back: Digital Detox Week 32 in 2021

2021-08-12 Twitter Detox

2021-08-11 Sans Device Diary

2021-08-10 I took last week off from my workouts. Today I started back and I lost some gains. It felt good to …

2021-08-10 Twitter Deleted

2021-08-07 2021 has been a good year for our Hibiscus producing. We have about 6 plants in various colors.

2021-08-07 From my Journal: How Many Times Must I Fail?

2021-08-05 I put up some new bookshelves in my office. Reading more books than my kindle these days.

2021-07-17 Playing around. Visiting Family. After breakfast I went for a walk and found this playground.

2021-07-15 The Open - Golf on the Radio - Do any of you listen to The Open? It is an annual thing for me. I …

2021-07-14 My Pull Up Progress

2021-07-13 Skipping with a 2lb rope.

2021-07-13 I think I am ready to quit twitter.

2021-07-13 Today was the first time I was able to do push up at ground level. a year ago I started against a …


2021-07-10 My Reboot 2021

2021-07-09 No Shirt Decline Pushup

2021-07-08 Firecracker

2021-07-08 My upper routine. Rows, Dead Hangs, and Negative pull up. Showing not telling.

2021-07-06 Sunflower

2021-06-24 [State of the Windows: How many layers of UI inconsistencies are in Windows 10?](State of the …

2021-06-20 Time Lapse of the Morning Flowers Opening.

2021-05-29 Finished reading: Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President …

2021-05-21 How to Start Your Bird Log

2021-05-21 The Texas Ruby Red House Finch

2021-05-20 Tropical Hibiscus

2021-05-14 Red Fish on the fly.

2021-04-27 I wonder how this would stack up to my iPhone 12. Found in my guest room at my father in-law

2021-04-22 Micro.Blog in the wild. Cosmic Coffee. Austin Texas.

2021-04-20 Bald Eagles in Llano, Texas

2021-04-19 My favorite pen. The Parker Jotter. Instant Classic.

2021-04-19 Llano Uplift

2021-04-17 Relationships are the Buffer for the Human Experience

2021-04-17 Choices. Choices. Choices.

2021-04-17 Broken Links

2021-04-17 What Am I Going to do Today?

2021-04-15 Thank you @jean for my sticker!

2021-04-14 My Most Productive Time in My Life

2021-04-13 Me.

2021-04-12 Nipsey our cat. About a year ago he showed up. Took a couple of months before he accepted us. Now …

2021-04-10 Lunch

2021-04-10 Crawfish Boil. Texas Style.

2021-04-09 Osprey Oysters

2021-04-09 Texas Bluebonnet 2021

2021-04-08 Spring Flowers

2021-04-08 Self

2021-04-08 Tropical Hibicus I call them double bloomers. But I searched and found that there are 31 types of …

2021-04-05 My Thoughts on Non Alcoholic Beer

2021-04-05 Wit’s Peak - Athletic Brewing (Non Alcoholic Craft Beer Only) Light and Refreshing. Perfect timed …

2021-04-05 To All the Apple IOS users out there… tech peeps. I am using ios to manage and suggest …

2021-04-05 Before my Apple Watch (2019) this was my daily watch. I miss it. Simple. Easy to Read. Never needs …

2021-04-05 Finished Reading: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson 📚 Cussy Mary - the …

2021-04-05 Radio Paradise - An Online Radio Station

2021-04-04 Easter Amaryllis

2021-04-04 Trying to Reach Sobriety.

2021-04-02 Today - Golfing on a Spring Day.

2021-04-01 Why I publish things to the internet.

2021-04-01 Opening Day of Baseball 2021

2021-03-24 Suzyn Waldman is an inspiration to girls and women who want to work in sports

2021-03-23 South Llano River

2021-03-21 My NA reward for fence work well done

2021-03-21 Tombow. HB. My favorite pencil

2021-03-20 When is the last time you experienced something for the experience and not the to share with a …

2021-03-20 1978 Jayking Family Popup. Getting it ready for a week on the South Llano River State Park

2021-03-20 Vintage Parker Jotter from the 80’s

2021-03-15 Bella our family dog

2021-03-13 Lofi. Old School. @patrickrhone on 43 Folders.

2021-03-13 Recommendations on the best way to track all the blogs I am finding a reading. RSS reader?

2021-03-12 Wordpress or Microblog?

2021-03-12 A Bonafide Amateur!

2021-03-11 After the Winter Storm 2021 which killed most plants we had it was a joy to see these small blooms …

2021-01-12 Snow Day

2021-01-02 I enjoy boiling shrimp. It is much easier than you might think. I boil outside. Much easier.

2020-12-29 Now

2020-12-29 Rib Roast. Before.

2020-12-29 2020 Holidays

2020-12-23 Breaking Patterns

2020-12-20 Another great day on the water

2020-12-19 Texas Trout. Guadalupe River 2020

2020-12-18 Great Day on the Guadalupe. Texas Trout.

2020-12-17 Vickie Grier

2020-12-17 Smoked Beef Cheeks. Amazing. LeRoy and Lewis BBQ Austin Texas.

2020-12-17 Lemons

2020-12-17 Facebook Controversy

2020-12-16 Ordinary.

2020-12-16 2021 - The Year of the Personal Blog

2020-12-14 Me and my friend Jake. Llano River, Mason Texas Fall 2020

2020-12-14 Lipids

2020-12-13 The Grier Cookie Company.

2020-12-13 Come on Out - The Airborne Toxic Event.

2020-12-12 My Decade Journal.

2020-12-12 Texas Trout

2020-10-29 Central Texas 2020

2020-08-29 I love baron fig journals

2020-08-29 I just re signed up for Micro Blog. I am hoping to use it more. I am getting tired of instragram but …

2018-05-02 Today I signed for :)