He has a problem with alcohol.

He cannot handle his booze like us normies.

Would anyone use the logic above when talking about someone using heroine?

Alcohol has won the battle. Alcohol is ethanol. It is a poison and our bodies treat it as such. It is addictive and big alcohol spends a good deal of money to keep us using it.

I say alcohol has won the battle because when someone wants to stop drinking - they are said to have a have a drinking problem.

They make a healthy choice to move towards healing and are blamed for not being able to handle their booze.

Social Media companies are winning the battle too.

We know that social media causes problems with people mental health. Services designed to make the user want to use it more. Doom Scrolling. We all know it. You versus the algorithm.

Yet when someone stands up and quits social media or speaks out how they gave up their smart phone to help heal themselves they are met with the same response.

They cannot handle it. They need to learn moderation. The phone is just a device.

Is there a true cost to value proposition that would justify using social media?

At what point do you stop using a product or service because of your values? To take a stand for what you believe in?

We will live in a post social media world.

Start your healing.