The year was 2001. The Device was the Handspring Visor Platinum. The Software was Palm Desktop.

It was a simple setup and the sync was perfect.

Palm Desktop contains four main modules which correspond to the four main modules of the original Palm Pilot:

Contacts, analogous to index cards in a Rolodex card file or address book

Calendar information as discrete or repeating appointments

Tasks, sortable by priority, date or category in task lists

Notes, for reference materials, memoranda or journal entries

I made my life fit in these buckets.

I had spent a year trying to make Microsoft Outlook work for me. Then I got the handspring - and I spent another 3 months trying to make it work with Outlook via 3rd party sync apps. Horrible.

I met a guy at a networking group and he had a Palm Pilot. I asked him what he used etc. He said Palm Desktop. Quick. Easy. Simple.

There was not a lot of options back then unlike today. iOS has how many task and calendar and note taking apps that rarely work together?


It is one reason for my personal (not work life) I use icloud. It is not perfect but it has all of these elements and they work.

I even had a folding keyboard so I could journal into the note app or update things in a coffee shop.