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Today I met @jean in person. We had a wonderful time talking about Micro.blog, how awesome life is being alcohol free and about life in general.

Food Sobriety Reset 2023.01.03

2023.01.03 9:31p CST Today I broke. I broke my food sobriety. I took a bite of food that was not on the list and I then I said “Let’s continue to eat. I will reset tomorrow” I am disapointed. I was not starving. I was not that hungry. Family life changed my evening plans and my wife wanted to grab a bite of food out. So there I was in a restaurant not that hungry but I ate and ate off plan.

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My 2023 Food Plan: Stay Food Sober

2023 Health Evergreen Post I intend to update this post in 2023 - to treat it like an index or TOC - I might upgrade this to its own page. Today is Jan 2, 2023 is my food sober date. My Weight: 255lbs Food Sobriety I got this term from Coach Mary It got me thinking, and I am going to embrace it in my own rebellious way. I like the term food sober.

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Introducing the Wise Phone in 2023

“Best decision I made was getting rid of my “smartphone and upgrading to a wise phone.” - Anna in an email to me. You know what a smartphone is. You know what a dumb phone is. But what is a wise phone? Introducing the Wise Phone A wise phone is not a brand of phone or a style of phone. It is lifestyle phone. A wise phone makes calls. A wise phone uses sms text messages.

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Interview with Light Phone user Paige Weber

I have had my flip phone since September 2022. It was excitement to try it, followed by frustration, followed by a resetting of expectation and then settling in. Youtube is the only social network I use and since embarking on this flip phone journey my Youtube has been sending me more and more videos of others on the same journey. I decided to email some of these people and Paige was gracious enough to give me a shot at an interview.

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Today I interviewed Scott Scheper. The father of the ANTINET. His analog version of Zelletkasten His book launches Dec 9th at 11a PST - Scott’s book will launch. Link get your copy.
Here is the link to the Youtube video.

I posted a Video on using a flip phone in 2022. Beware that I drop a lot of F-Bombs. Sunbeam Wireless Daisy Model.