Camping for the week. South Llano State Park Junction, Texas

You either love or hate Bono. I love him and the music he made.

Running to Stand Still Christmas Eve

The One Habit to Rule Them All

We crave to be part of a group. It is part of human nature. The is especially true this time of year as we approach the annual planning and New Years resolutions. For health it might be: I am a vegan. I am a carnivore. I am keto. For Productivity it might be: I am analog all the way. I am apple. I am iOS only. I want to offer some advice and insight I have recently understood for myself.

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More Tech in Blogging has not decreased the time between posts

In this wonderful little book Hoover muses that with all of the advances in technology with fishing that it still has not reduced the time between bites. I have read countless bloggers of late lament which platform and or writing tool to use and I have fallen into this rabbit hole. I have read pretty themed blogs and I have read shitty themed blogs. If the writer is saying something I want to read I read.

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5 flowers on one plant. Cold here today as well.

Austin Texas.

Social Media Companies are Winning the Battle

He has a problem with alcohol. He cannot handle his booze like us normies. Would anyone use the logic above when talking about someone using heroine? Alcohol has won the battle. Alcohol is ethanol. It is a poison and our bodies treat it as such. It is addictive and big alcohol spends a good deal of money to keep us using it. I say alcohol has won the battle because when someone wants to stop drinking - they are said to have a have a drinking problem.

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Tonight I left my house. Drove to a burger place. Hung out with some friends for an hour or so. I drove back home.

I did not take my phone. I did not wear an Apple Watch. I did not turn on the radio in the truck.

It was refreshing.

One of the things I love about Central Texas is that our hibiscus still bloom late into the fall.

My Christmas Cactus is in full bloom!