I posted a Video on using a flip phone in 2022. Beware that I drop a lot of F-Bombs. Sunbeam Wireless Daisy Model.

Why Wait?

To My Friend: 11/19/2022 Why wait until Jan 1, 2023 to start a new habit? Why dig the hole you are in any deeper? The pull to drink alcohol is in you. You hear the voice. But there is a voice in there too that wants you to change. If you do nothing, you know where this path will lead. When you hear “Now is not the right now time - we have the holidays coming” Which voice is this talking to you?

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Hey MB Tech Peeps- icloud custom domain - I am trying to understand it. It does not give you a 2nd inbox with that domain but rather it takes over our icloud domain. Is that correct?

Personal CRM How do you handle how often you talk to your friends? When you should call someone? Maybe send them a thank you card for that last dinner? I am curious how my MB friends do this in their personal lives.

With all of the fanfare about beta.icloud.com - You cannot add a date to a reminder. Only a note. How can you still have a reminder app but not allow the web interface access to the date?

Barbara Jordon

Flip Phone Blues: Shop will not provide me a tracking number unless I install their app.

Dumb Down an iphone vs Flip Phone


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On Paper…

I wrote this quote on a 3x5 card but I did not capture the source. These are not my words. On paper, we reflect. We gaze out a window and return to the same page. Instead of it changing, we change. If screens are about doing fast, paper is about going slow. If screens are where we connect with others, paper is where we connect with ourselves. If the author read this please email me and I will give you the amazing credit you deserve.

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