I changed to a flip + ipod for my music, podcasts etc. Turns out I had a ton of mp3 (18k songs) sitting on a HD in my desk.

As too the ipods - I emailed my 5 closest friends asking if they had any ipods in junk drawers etc. Well I got 8 - for FREE. I offered $ but most said they had not used them in 5 years or more.

Pretty refreshing. The first week was the most challenging. Leaving the house I felt like I left my wallet.

But I am enjoying just answering my phone. The voice to text feature on this Sunbeam phone is better than my iphone and siri. Easier too. I have not typed a text once.

So in short - this is the first iphone refresh year where I have not even looked at the phone to see what I am missing out on. Zero FOMO! :)

Your Friend. T