From Wildlife Management, Habitat Management & Outdoor News from 2012

Most folks don’t even know we have bald eagles in Texas, but they are found here. In fact, they even nest and raise their young here. If you have ever driven eight miles east of Llano, Texas

Sunday I was fly fishing the Llano river. I am used to seeing red tailed hawks etc around the river but that day I saw the largest bird I have ever seen swoop in over the river and land in a tree.

I was in my kayak and I drifted up to the tree. There she was looking at me. A bald eagle. I wish I got a picture. I had my gopro with me and I took some but the damn wide angle is not good enough and the zoom is just a dark area in the photo.

After some searching we have around 30 that migrate here each winter.

Central Texas is an amazing place.