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3 Year Ago, I took my last drink of alcohol

No rock bottom. Just a desire to be free of the repeating behavior of drinking more than I intended followed by empty promises for change. From the time I wanted to quit to my last drink was about 3 years. How did I know 3 years ago it was my last drink? I had no idea. I had quit and started drinking again so many times. But I knew that my time between was quitting was getting shorter.

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The Key Metric in Making Change

The best advice I heard and verified in my own life is the following for quitting something. Keep quitting until you have quit. Step 1: Decide that you are going to make a change. You know without a shred of doubt that it is bad for you. Step 2: Never doubt the decision. Step 3: (if needed) If you fail, repeat steps 1 and 2. How To Track Your Way to Success!

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From my Journal: How Many Times Must I Fail?

I started my journey in the summer of 2016. I wanted to change my relationship with alcohol. I was not sure exactly how or what I needed to do and I think I did what most people do when they think they might have a problem with something, they take a break from it. So that is what I did. I started with a 30 day personal challenge. 2016 and 2017 I would repeat a pattern.

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