I am exploring using less technology.

I left my phone and Apple Watch behind. I sported on my Timex watch.

Today I helped my wife move some things back into her office. She is preparing to go back to work in the post COVID world. She works at the University of Texas and parking is always a struggle.

I dropped her off by the front of her building and I was going find parking and walk back. She was mentioned that she was going to stop by someone office and see if they were there and then she would text me when she was heading up to her office so we could meet up etc.

I explained I did not have my phone or watch.

It was odd to listen to the thought process of how we would figure this out.

I recommended that if I got there first there are 2 chairs in the common area and I would just sit and review my bullet journal until she got there.

It worked.

I find it interesting how much I “worry” about not being reachable when I do not have a device with me.

I thought I would share as I continue this experiment.