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Twitter Detox

Since deleting my Twitter account. I find myself wanting to post on my blog ( more and more and then coming here to check the comments. Which are not that many :) It is the same reflex of distraction seeking that I did with Twitter. Just part of the detox? I hope so.

Broken Links

or Why twitter and social media has ruined the open web I have been reading a back through Merlin Man’s 43 folders blog. It started in 2004 His last post was 2011 - Cranking. which is “peace out” I had a kid and that is more important. His blog was part of Web 2.0 movement. Remember that? His blog is like a time capsule and it has a lot of relevant and helpful information about how productivity.

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2021 - The Year of the Personal Blog

Fall of 2019 I deleted my facebook account. Fall of 2020 I deleted my instagram account. I never looked back. Do not doubt that there was an addiction. It took a week for me to stop wanting to pick up my phone and look at what is going. It was not just “The election” or “Covid fatigue” - It is that I wanted my mind back. People tend to complain about Facebook as if something recently curdled.

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