Fall of 2019 I deleted my facebook account.

Fall of 2020 I deleted my instagram account.

I never looked back.

Do not doubt that there was an addiction. It took a week for me to stop wanting to pick up my phone and look at what is going.

It was not just “The election” or “Covid fatigue” - It is that I wanted my mind back.

People tend to complain about Facebook as if something recently curdled. There’s a notion that the social web was once useful, or at least that it could have been good, if only we had pulled a few levers: some moderation and fact-checking here, a bit of regulation there, perhaps a federal antitrust lawsuit. But that’s far too sunny and shortsighted a view. Today’s social networks, Facebook chief among them, were built to encourage the things that make them so harmful. It is in their very architecture. - Facebook is a Doomsday Machine, by Adrienne Lafrance The Atlantic December 15, 2020.

In your bones you know it is true. Facebook preys on our worst behaviors to make money. They use the power of addiction to make users use more.

Break the cycle.

In the words of The Chicks “Be an Army of One

My Plan

I made a list of my friend that really matter to me. I made 100% sure that I had their details in my contact list on my phone and I used it. I sent iMessages. I called. I emailed.

I will continue in 2021 and I will do more of it.


I do want to share what I am doing. I want to provide context for the conversations I am having with people. Life’s celebratations and life’s difficult lessons learned.

I want to say. “Here’s what I see, here’s how you can be part of it.” Seth Godin

A new school but old school personal blog.

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Here, I write for you.

For you, I am always here.