In March of 2021 took our family pop up on a week long solo camping trip to the South Llano State Park.

It is known as a birder park and the spring is a perfect time to come and see them for 2 reasons.

First, most of the trees are pecan and unlike live oaks (another popular tree in our area) drop their leaves. So it is easy to see the birds.

Second, this area of Texas is part of the bird migration pattern and there are several birds in the spring that we might

While there I spoke with a man who was an experienced birder and he told me what he does to track the birds he sees.

He keeps a bird journal and uses a simple setup. Each year he starts a new list. He counts each bird he sees once and logs it. He counts the male and/or female as one sighting.

An example of headers might be:

  • Date
  • Bird
  • Where
  • Notes

I hope you try it.

PS. Get yourself some binoculars too!