Laissez Faire

    I grew up in south Louisiana. It was a blessing and a curse. The culture there is unlike any other place in the world.

    Laissez faire is the feeling of the day.

    Allow to do is the literal meaning. But generally it means accepting an attitude of letting things take their own course. Let the people do as they choose.

    It is a great feeling to live in that culture.

    • The Music
    • The Food
    • The Good Times

    A consequence of this culture is that it revolves around alcohol. Every event has alcohol. From birth to death: alcohol.

    The drinking age was still 18 when I turned 18. Louisiana was the last state in the union to change the age to 21. I had my first beer at 16.

    I considered myself a social drinker until I turned 45. The problem was I was very social. I enjoyed drinking. It was fun. I felt accepted. People enjoyed being around me. I projected that laissez faire attitude.

    But thoughts where there. Do I drink too much? Maybe I would be more “successful” if I drank less? But then the thoughts of if I express these feelings people will think I am an “alcoholic” then what? I am will be judged every time they see me drink.

    But something else happened. When I did finally share with my friends that I would be taking extended breaks from drinking, most stated that I did not seem to have a “problem” or any issue at all.

    I decided then and there that the label alcoholic was not for me.

    But I did not accept my friends opinion either that I did not have problem.

    I was not sure what I “was” or what I “had” but I did not care anymore. I knew there was something there that I needed to address.

    I was addicted to alcohol. But I was not an alcoholic.

    Alcohol is an addictive and progressive substance. That means that we build a tolerance to its use. That tolerance leads to us using more (drinking more) to get the same effect. It becomes a trap.

    If this story resonates with you, here is the truth.

    You might be addicted to alcohol but you can over come it.

    Yes, you will have to face this addiction head on but you will not have to die in this ditch.

    Let me put it another way.

    You are riding an elevator and it only goes down and there is a rock bottom somewhere down there. The good news is that you do not have to wait to hit rock bottom. You have the power to exit right now. Today.

    Hear me calling to you with good news.

    The bad news is there is no elevator back up. You have to take the stairs.

    It will be work. Hard work. But I am here on the other side calling to you. I am here to help show you the way.

    Take a step with me. Download my free guide. ​​How to Quit Alcohol by Terry Grier 2023.pdf​

    Read. Implement it.

    I wrote a free guide for you. It is the exact guide I wish I had when I started my journey in 2016. It is the process I followed. Everything is in it.

    Then let me know what you thought of it. I ​provided a special email address at the end of the guide.

    I look forward to seeing your name in my inbox.

    And always remember,

    Never give up on yourself. Never.

    Terry Grier

    PS. I posted a video about the free guide and starting.