A fellow micro.blogger Clifford Beshers posted a beautiful picture of a red house finch today.

Dipped in raspberry juice. That was the joke that always made my mother laugh. Those finches look like someone turned them over and dipped them in raspberry juice. link

I saw a red house finch in the spring this year at the South Llano River State park here in Texas. It was a beautful bird. The South Llano State Park is at the eastern edge of a lot of birds western migration patterns.

I am no expert. I am learning as I go and I picked up that little bit of knowledge from a birder I met at the State Park.

I searched around and found this interesting little writeup called The Texas Ruby Red House Finch from 2015.

These are all taken at Utopia, Uvalde Co., Texas, near southern edge of Edwards Plateau, and are all House Finch. The south central Texas House Finch has long been said by Texans to be the reddest of them all. It is no brag, but fact. But because they were caught bragging about the size of their state just once a long long time ago, nobody believed them. In my opinion this House Finch also has the sweetest song of ‘em all. I call it the Texas Ruby Red House Finch.

Follow the link and take a look at some of the pictures. Here is another link to his 2020 bird pictures.