I have had my flip phone since September 2022.

It was excitement to try it, followed by frustration, followed by a resetting of expectation and then settling in.

Youtube is the only social network I use and since embarking on this flip phone journey my Youtube has been sending me more and more videos of others on the same journey.

I decided to email some of these people and Paige was gracious enough to give me a shot at an interview.

So today I interviewed Paige Weber. She has used a DumbPhone at least a year. She started with a basic flip phone and recently moved the a light phone.

We discuss a wide range of topics all centered around living a more intentional life. The discussion was broader than just a discussion of the pros and cons and this choice including how smartphone and the lack of a smart phone is creating a digital divide but in the other direction.

Here is a link the YouTube Video

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Your Flip Phone Friend Terry