Blogger and Photographer CJ Chilvers writing about his perfect pen and paper.

Writers spend way too much time and money seeking out their “grail” pen and paper combo — the tools that will make their work so much “smoother.” It’s a pattern we’ve seen repeated in all creative pursuits.

I do not think this is just an issue with modernity. I think the ability to order new pens etc quickly and easily amplifies this issue.

My friend Pete Moore

It’s funny, despite all the advances in technology and software, sometimes the myriad choices we have end up being just that… choices.

But whatever the case his closing advice the most relevant

If you focus on creative process and output, the equipment will usually figure itself out.

I think the key is action. Doing something is better than thinking about doing something. Enjoy the process. Write. Think. Share. Learn. It is all part of the human condition.

PS: My favorite pen is my 1980’s Parker Jotter with the Easyflow 9000 insert.