Austin Texas.

Social Media Companies are Winning the Battle

He has a problem with alcohol. He cannot handle his booze like us normies. Would anyone use the logic above when talking about someone using heroine? Alcohol has won the battle. Alcohol is ethanol. It is a poison and our bodies treat it as such. It is addictive and big alcohol spends a good deal of money to keep us using it. I say alcohol has won the battle because when someone wants to stop drinking - they are said to have a have a drinking problem.

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Tonight I left my house. Drove to a burger place. Hung out with some friends for an hour or so. I drove back home.

I did not take my phone. I did not wear an Apple Watch. I did not turn on the radio in the truck.

It was refreshing.

One of the things I love about Central Texas is that our hibiscus still bloom late into the fall.

My Christmas Cactus is in full bloom!

Today’s Workout Highlights

  • Negative
  • Row
  • Assisted Pull-up

I am still on a mission to get a pull up done.

Office or Study?

In 1993 I saw the movie, Shawdowlands. Shadowlands is a 1993 British biographical drama film about the relationship between academic C. S. Lewis (played by Anthony Hopkins) and Jewish American poet Joy Davidman (played by Debra Winger), her death from cancer, and how this challenged Lewis’s Christianity. The movie is about making meaning out of suffering. Is life Happiness and Joy or Pain and Suffering. It is worth the time investment.

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The Moon and Venus

Squirrel Whisperer!

Found in my hike today. Last day of a week on the South Llano River