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Flip Phone Blues: Shop will not provide me a tracking number unless I install their app.

Dumb Down an iphone vs Flip Phone

On Paper…

I wrote this quote on a 3x5 card but I did not capture the source. These are not my words.

On paper, we reflect. We gaze out a window and return to the same page.
Instead of it changing, we change.

If screens are about doing fast, paper is about going slow.
If screens are where we connect with others, paper is where we connect with ourselves.

If the author read this please email me and I will give you the amazing credit you deserve.

Your Friend Terry

Sun Flowers

Late Bloomers

Flip Phone Update - Attention is the Currency

I never think about my phone.

I think of all the time and energy that I have given my iphone for the last 12 years.

All of the energy of trying to “manage” screen time. Too much light in my eyes before bed etc etc.

My Sunbeam flip charges in a little stand on my desk. With a glance across the room, I can see if I have a missed call - blue icon or a txt message - green icon. If nothing is on - I move on to other things I am working on.

I am blown away by this. This was something I was not expecting.

Red Fish on the Fly

LightHouse Lakes, Aransas Pass, Tx 09/24/2022

25 inch Red Fish

Fall is in the air.

This twitter thread by my friend and health coach J.T. - has the best 10 things you can do for your health. Seriously. Not Dogma. Serious things you can set goals for and move toward. Start today. Tomorrow it will be more difficult. Your Friend. T

PSA: I am going to be using this account to blog more and more about Sobriety. When I post - my thoughts will be on the general public and not just MB people. I am going to use it like my blog and less like social.
TLDR You might want to unfollow me.

You can call me on my cell phone ... 🎶

I changed to a flip + ipod for my music, podcasts etc. Turns out I had a ton of mp3 (18k songs) sitting on a HD in my desk.

As too the ipods - I emailed my 5 closest friends asking if they had any ipods in junk drawers etc. Well I got 8 - for FREE. I offered $ but most said they had not used them in 5 years or more.

Pretty refreshing. The first week was the most challenging. Leaving the house I felt like I left my wallet.

But I am enjoying just answering my phone. The voice to text feature on this Sunbeam phone is better than my iphone and siri. Easier too. I have not typed a text once.

So in short - this is the first iphone refresh year where I have not even looked at the phone to see what I am missing out on. Zero FOMO! :)

Your Friend. T

7 Years ago today, I received 1of 999 of the Kickstarter Bullet Journals

I had been using the system for a year prior and was excited to see what he made. It fired me up to double down into the bullet journal system. I used it for full capture. Of course I did migrate some things into digital but this book was with me at all times.

I stray from the system from time to time - thinking I can do it better. But I feel uneasy when I do not have my journal with me.

I am glad that Ryder, who I understand is introverted, was brave and shared this with the world.

Spring is in the air

Interesting so far.

The Inside of my 1977 Jayco Popup. Gifted to me by my father in law who purchased it new.

My campsite for the next week. South Llano State Park. Texas.

I had lunch today with @warner we forgot to take a picture!