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My Generic Christmas Card Letter but Monthly

You remember those Christmas letters in the 90’s?

  • Who was doing what in the family.
  • Kids being born.
  • Kids Graduating

This letters went from “What a great idea” to “WTF? - can you not even sign it?” in a hot minute.

I blame the grandparents. Once they started doing the practice all went to hell. Same thing happened to Facebook.

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For My Friends - My Personal Podcast

My No Social Media Club

I deleted all of my social media (maybe you should too) in 2020. I was seeking a better relationship with the internet. Communication with friends is still important to me. Maybe even more important because when I talk with a friend I have not idea what is going on in their life since the last time we talked.

I will share my thoughts around the following:

  • What I am reading
  • What I am thinking about a lot
  • Who I am talking with and what I am learning from others
  • My health journey
  • Sobriety and the gift it has given me