Updated Jan 1, 2022

I am ready for 2022.

My Theme: Show Up for the things in my life that matter to me.

This sentiment is from James Clear and his life changing book Atomic Habits.

His words convicted me and brought my world into focus.

If you cannot learn the basic skill of showing up. Do do 1 thing. Read 1 page. Etc. You have little hope mastering the finer details.

Objective 1


I got serious about my health in 2012. Since that time I have lost about 70 pounds. Stop drinking alcohol. Started working out. But I am still obese with 90 more pounds to lose. I will document that journey here on the blog and on my youtube ///

Objective 2

Use Screens Less

If I can do something with analog tools then that is what I shall do.

Objective 2.1

Start “The No Social Media Podcast”

Objective 3

Master my career as an insurance agent.

My LinkedIn Profile If I can be of help to you.

Inspired By Derek Sivers - Who I have learned a great deal from. What is a Now Page